What do you get when you cross a 1300-square-mile supervolcano with a middle-aged art professor? You get a midlife crisis in the middle of a near-extinction event.


Ian Cameron, separated from his family by a massive eruption of the Yellowstone volcano, sets out on a cross-country journey to reunite with them. It becomes an odyssey filled with danger, adventure, medicine men, spiritual advancement, and evolutionary change.


His family's Christmas gift was a snowshoe making class several hundred miles away from home. He had no idea this gift would change his life.


But sometimes gifts are not what they appear to be...

The Odyssey of the Slingshot Man is a book of speculative fiction. It is the first book in a series by the authors Van Eck.


You may ask,

"What is this book about?"


  • Some readers see a post-apocalyptic adventure of survival after the explosion of the gigantic Yellostone volcano.

  • Some see a story of a man's dedication to his family, a refusal to be separated from them by disaster.

  • For others, the book deals with Native American prophecy and spirituality, a vision quest with medicine men, spirit guides, and kachinas.

  • Still others see this as a guide to Eastern spirituality and practices, describing energy flows, chakras, and kundalini.


This is a manual describing the mechanisms of consciousness energy and evolutionary change.  It examines three coexisting species: those who use God consciousness, those who use earth magic, and humans.

When extinction is near, look to those who survived the last threat. What will we learn this time?


Like its hero, this story is still evolving.


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